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Gathering the Worshipers to Release the Sounds of our Community for Jesus 

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AEM FOR THE HEART CENTER, Transcending boundaries of age, ethnicity, gender, and race aims for the hearts of all in need of receiving God’s Supernal Grace, cultivating and developing their hearts passion, Love without restraint. 

We are currently accepting any type of donation including used instruments for aspiring young musicians. All donations are tax deductible. For more information, please call our office at (561) 881-8581.


Our Mission

Here at AEM for the Heart Inc. we teach uplifting and edifying songs to motivate the youth and young adults to learn how to engage in the arts of music and cultivate their God given gifts and talents through the expression of voice and playing of musical instruments and by releasing the sound within them.

We have a dedicated local worship artist, also other Men and Women who are amazing vocalist & musicians.      

Also, AEM for the Heart Inc. organizes workshops where individuals/groups come to play worship music to engage in singing and worshiping JESUS! How to get into the presence of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to touch and restore to heals and set free from the storms of life.

Become a part of our organization by volunteering or by making a financial contribution to the ministries.  

AEM FOR THE HEART CENTER is an outlet for the communities of Lake Park and Riviera Beach, where the broken and the poor, the captive and imperiled of these communities can find a safe harbor and loving environment liberated from the pain and despair of hopelessness. Here, they may freely transform themselves through the cultural arts, envisioning a future of efficacy, accomplishment, and creative involvement in Life. We are always looking for volunteers to join our team.


Awakening is in the LAND........ There is a NEW SEASON  



AEM FOR THE HEART CENTER Operates Solely Upon Charitable Contributions   that come in from people who share our vision and believe in our mission statement. We also believe that with your help AEM FOR THE HEART CENTER can expand its cultural arts program, and better assist our students with not just their character development, but with their immediate and pressing needs, freeing their time, minds and heart for the future.

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